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Since our inception the business has gone from strength to strength! By taking a long-term approach, and focusing on the quality of our products and installations, our product range has grown significantly. We now offer a full range of natural lighting and ventilation solutions, accessories and other related products. All these products offer good quality, backed by a professional installation, if needed. All our products offer good value for money, and more details can be found under the relevant product.

We offer you the following product range to change your house into a home, or make your business more comfortable and cost-efficient.

  • All skylights (including tubular skylights, larger flat and raised skylights in aluminium or wood). Our skylights can be installed onto any roof type! Our aluminium skylights are available in standard and custom made to fit sizes.
  • Roof Windows in aluminium and wood that can open to allow natural ventilation. The options of blinds and electronic openers are also available on request.
  • Polycarbonate Sheeting in profiled roof sheets, solid flat or multiwall sheets including the leak-free PALSUN or PALGLAZE systems. 
  • Ventilation and extraction products including our high quality - low energy roof and wall mount extractor fans, buddi braais and whirlybirds. Thes units can be controlled manually, by motion or wireless control.
  • A unique range of ceiling fans in aluminium and wood to suite any application or area.
  • Braai's and Fireplaces manufactured for South African conditions using high quality steel. Also available in stainless.
  • Solar lighting products, lights, panels, batteries and regulators to save energy and secure your home.
  • Various accessories (Uniflash waterproofing, flashings, wireless controls, motion sensors, connect-it components and roof screws.

Should you have a custom requirement, or specific product related enquiry please send us an email to JLIB_HTML_CLOAKING.


Welcome to Skylight Solutions!

Skylights - The natural alternative!

An installed tubular skylightSkylights can allow more natural light and sunlight into your home, thereby reducing the energy consumption used for lighting, especially in dark rooms or rooms without windows. In order to do this, you need to know about the different types of skylights that are available.
It is important to look at two important factors when considering a skylight. Is natural light the main objective or should the skylight also provide aesthetical value ? In addition to this position, size and type begins to play a role! Certain skylights offer certain benefits, but can also have a downside if not thought through properly! It is therefore important to speak to one of our skylight specialists before buying a skylight and having it installed.

There are three main types of skylights, the first being tubular skylights offering maximum light per open area, due to a reflective aluminium tube, which is most useful where additional light is required but excessive heat gain from the sun is a concern. In addition to this there are larger fixed skylights such as pyramids and domes and many more. These skylights offer a very nice aesthetical appeal. Thirdly roof windows in wood and aluminium have become a very popular choice due to the additional benefit of ventilation and an optional blind to control light entry. Ventilating skylights are often used in kitchens and bathrooms. These can be opened with a hand crank to let out rising hot air or steam and so help to cool a room in the summer, or prevent the formation of mould. As for position, you should locate skylights on the south-facing parts of your roof if you want to reduce solar heat gain, and the subsequent need for cooling, and on the north-facing parts if you need extra warmth as well as light. As per the US Department of Energy skylights should only cover approximately 5% to 15% of the floor area in a room, depending on the number of windows. Homeowners should also choose a skylight with insulating (double-pane) glazing, a heat-absorption tint, or a low-emission (low-e) coating to control solar heat transfer into and out of the home.

Skylights have the following distinct advantages.
Besides the obvious benefits like the natural light factor and saving on your power bills, they also contribute to preserving the environment and ultimately ad value to your home. A strategically placed skylight replaces the need for electric lighting, at least during the daytime. They also add heat to your home, cutting down on the amount of electric or gas heat you'll need to generate. All of this can translate into big savings, even up to 20% per year. You therefore help to preserve the environment at the same time. The latest trend in home building is ‘green’ homes, houses built with maximising efficiency and preserving nature in mind. These green homes almost always include some type of skylight. Even if you cannot afford the latest innovations in green home technology, skylights are still relatively affordable, especially when you consider the energy cost savings they can produce. They increase the overall value of your home.You will get back money you invest in installing skylights as this increases your home value. Skylights have a modern appeal, due to their energy-efficiency and the beauty that they add to a home. However, poorly constructed or installed skylights could lead to problems with leakage while “single-paned skylights may weep with condensation”, according to the online encyclopaedia wikipedia. – Eugene Brink

Should you have any questions regarding skylights don't hesitate to contact us.

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