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The interest in skylights was born at the end of 2004, when I did a search on the internet for a skylight. I had just started the art of fly tying, and due to the very small size of some of the trout flies, and a very dark diningroom, there was a serious need to supplement the amount of light required. At the time I had no idea what a tubular skylight, or any skylight, for that matter was! After extensive research on the Internet, I bought my first tubular skylight kit from a company called Sundowner Skylights, based in Cape Town, and installed it myself, after spending a week in training with their Gauteng distributorship. Today they are the market leader for Tubular Skylights in South Africa, and have installed in excess of 40000 tubular skylights nationwide. Three months and a lot of questions later, I started off as their distributor and agent for the Lowveld area. To date we have installed in excess of 1000 of these skylights in the surrounding area.

As there was a lot of negativity towards skylights due to leakage at the time, we took a strategic long term decision to support the quality of the product with a good installation. This had paid off almost immediately, as we were soon receiving more and more referrals from satisfied clients. This is still the case today! This has been the basis of our business for the last eight years. Since then we have focussed on recruiting quality products at a fair price. We still have a personalized customer approach, and keep our hands on the installation process at all times! Our product range has expanded to include all available natural lighting solutions and extraction and ventilation systems. We also offer various other energy saving solutions, and coherent products. They can all be viewed on our website.

Due to an extensive range of products from various suppliers, SKYLIGHT SOLUTIONS was born in 2009 to include all the products. Our technical experience has made us one of the preferred suppliers and installers for many natural lighting and ventilation applications.

All the quality products we supply and install are manufactured by reputable manufacturers in South Africa. These products are manufactured from quality grade materials to specification, suitable for South African climate conditions. Our installers have been trained as per our supplier requirement to ensure that all their quality products are installed according to their standards to ensuring client satisfaction.

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