Skylights - The natural and healthy alternative to electrical energy!

SKYLIGHT SOLUTIONS has gone from strength to strength since 2002. Our product offering has increased dramatically, and we offer an extensive range of quality lighting and ventilation products, supported by a professional installation team, offering professional installations. 

We offer you the following product range to change your house into a home, or make your business more comfortable and cost-efficient.

  • All skylight types (tubular skylights, large flat, raised and custom skylights in aluminium or wood). Our skylights can be installed onto any roof type! Our aluminium skylights are available in standard and custom made to fit sizes.
  • Roof Windows in aluminium and wood can open to allow natural ventilation. Blinds and electronic openers are also available on request.
  • Polycarbonate Sheeting (profiled roof sheets, solid flat or multiwall sheets, the leak-free PALSUN or PALGLAZE systems and polycarbonate awnings in solid sheeting or multiwall.
  • Ventilation and extraction products including our high quality - low energy roof and wall mount extractor fans, buddi braais, whirlybirds, galvanized sleeves and flexible ductingin various sized. Fan units can be controlled manually, by motion or wireless control.
  • A unique range of ceiling fans in aluminium and wood to suite any application or area.
  • Braai's and Fireplaces manufactured for South African conditions using high quality steel. Also available in stainless.
  • Solar lighting products, lights, panels, batteries and regulators to save energy and secure your home.
  • Various accessories (Uniflash waterproofing, flashings, wireless controls, motion sensors, connect-it components and roof screws.
  • Should you have a custom requirement, or specific product related enquiry please send us an email to


Skylights allow more natural light and sunlight into your home, thereby reducing the electrical energy consumption, especially in dark rooms, or rooms without windows, and greatly reducing on-grid dependance. In order to make the correct decision, you need to be aware of the various types of skylights that are available on the market.

It is important to look at two important factors when considering a skylight. Is additional natural light the main objective, or should the skylight also provide aesthetical value ? In addition to this, placement, size, and type, also begin to play a role! Certain skylights offer certain benefits, but an also have a downside, if not thought through thoroughly! It is therefore important to speak to one of our skylight specialists before buying a skylight, and having it installed.

There are three main types of skylights:

  • Tubular Skylights 
  • Larger Type Skylights (e.g. Flat, Pyramid, Barrels, Domes and slanted)
  • Roof Windows (Available in solid wood or aluminium - Fixed and opening)

These skylights provide a neat finish with aesthetical appeal. These skylight offer the additional benefit of ventilation (where required) and an optional blind to regulate light control. They are therefore very suitable for kitchens, bathrooms or living areas. The skylights can be opened electronically or with a crank handle and rod. By opening these windows, rising hot air, moisture or steam can escape. By placing these skylights on the northern side of a roof extra warmth can be brought into rooms. Southern placement will reduce solar heat gain, and therefore provide a cooler living environment. A skylight should only cover approximately 5 to 15% of the room area, depending on the number of windows. Homeowners should choose a skylight with insulating (double-pane) glazing, a heat absorption tint, or low emission (low-E) coating to control solar heat transfer into, and out, of the home. Various glazing options are available to meet specific requirements, and also provide added protection in the case of natural disaster e.g. hail storms.

Skylights have the following distinct advantages.

Besides the obvious benefits, like the natural light factor, and saving on your power bills, they also contribute to preserving the environment, and ultimately add value to your home.

A strategically placed skylight replaces the need for electrical lighting during the daytime.

They can also add heat to your home, cutting down on the amount of electrical or gas consumption required. All of this can translate into savings of up to 20% per year.

You therefore help to preserve the environment at the same time. The latest trend in home building is "GREEN HOMES", houses built with maximum natural efficiency, and preservation in mind, allowing off the grid functioning. These green homes almost always allow for a skylight or natural lighting solution to brighten up the interior, and reduce the dependance on electrical lighting. Even if you cannot afford the latest innovations in green home technology, skylights are relatively affordable, especially when you consider the energy cost savings they produce over the medium to long term. They will also increase the value of your property. It is a known fact that estate agents sell well-lit properties much quicker than dark interior properties. Skylights have a modern appeal due to the energy efficiency and beauty they add to a home. However, poorly constructed or installed skylights, could become a nightmare and could lead to leaks and resulting damages. Single-paned skylights might "weep" due to condensation, if not installed correctly, or into the correct areas, according to encyclopedia wikipedia. - Eugene Brink 

Skylights - the natural alternative!


The interest in skylights was born at the end of 2004, when I did a search on the internet for a skylight. I had just started the art of fly tying, and due to the very small size of some of the trout flies, and a very dark diningroom, there was a serious need to supplement the amount of light required. At the time I had no idea what a tubular skylight, or any skylight, for that matter was! After extensive research on the Internet, I bought my first tubular skylight kit from a company called Sundowner Skylights, based in Cape Town, and installed it myself, after spending a week in training with their Gauteng distributorship. Today they are the market leader for Tubular Skylights in South Africa, and have installed in excess of 40000 tubular skylights nationwide. Three months and a lot of questions later, I started off as their distributor and agent for the Lowveld area. To date we have installed in excess of 1000 of these skylights in the surrounding area.

As there was a lot of negativity towards skylights due to leakage at the time, we took a strategic long term decision to support the quality of the product with a good installation. This had paid off almost immediately, as we were soon receiving more and more referrals from satisfied clients. This is still the case today! This has been the basis of our business for the last eight years. Since then we have focussed on recruiting quality products at a fair price. We still have a personalized customer approach, and keep our hands on the installation process at all times! Our product range has expanded to include all available natural lighting solutions and extraction and ventilation systems. We also offer various other energy saving solutions, and coherent products. They can all be viewed on our website.

Due to an extensive range of products from various suppliers, SKYLIGHT SOLUTIONS was born in 2009 to include all the products. Our technical experience has made us one of the preferred suppliers and installers for many natural lighting and ventilation applications.

All the quality products we supply and install are manufactured by reputable manufacturers in South Africa. These products are manufactured from quality grade materials to specification, suitable for South African climate conditions. Our installers have been trained as per our supplier requirement to ensure that all their quality products are installed according to their standards to ensuring client satisfaction.

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