Spindles and Winders

Our range of Spindles and Winders are manufactured from brass and adhere to high quality standards. They are also available in a chrome finish options, making them very suitable for coastal areas and thereby preventing rust.

The units are available in three various lengths as per the table below.

Various spindle openers 225 x 225


The spindles are mainly used to open our aluminium roof windows or skylights, but will also be suitable to open traditional windows made of aluminium, wood or steel. Due to the fixed opening size they preventing easy access through windows, and are secure in adverse weather conditions preventing windows from smashing and breaking window panes. They are also much stronger than traditional plastic handles used on aluminium roof windows. They can be installed onto out of reach windows as they can be opened with a crank handle aluminium rod opener.

Chrome and brass spindle winder 280 x 187


Our winders are used where the skylights or opening windows are easily accessible, and can be opened by hand. This allows the person to open and close the window by winding it, instead of opening the skylight or window with an aluminium crank handle or extended rod.

  1 Spindle Brass 150mm  *POE
  2 Spindle Brass 250mm R720.00
  3  Spindle  Brass  310mm  *POE
  4  Spindle  Chrome  150mm  *POE 
  5  Spindle  Chrome  250mm  *POE
  6 Spindle Chrome 310mm R730.00
  7 Winder Brass 150mm *POE
  8 Winder Brass 250mm *POE 
  9  Winder  Brass  310mm  R820.00
10  Winder  Chrome  150mm  *POE 
11  Winder  Chrome  250mm  *POE 
12  Winder  Chrome  310mm  R310.00

* POE - (Prices on enquiry.) Send an email to sales@skylightsolutions.co.za

Pricing on larger quantities will be reconsidered.

For more information on the product email usat : info@skylightsolutions.co.za


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