Wooden Roof Windows

Wooden Roof Windows and skylights
Our suppliers are the sole South African manufacturer of centre pivot wooden roof windows and have 22 years experience in the roof window industry. These windows have been developed to specifically suite the harsh South African conditions. To date there are more than 40 000 roof windows fitted nationwide.
Introducing daylight
Previously marketed as SOLIS, TS roof windows are known to most South African architects who have supported and specified these products over the past two decades.

With the recent upsurge in Green Building practices, we find ourselves in an envious position to be the leading supplier and installers, in servicing the residential market. By specifying roof windows, the architect is introducing natural light into an otherwise dark area, thus saving on electricity as well as allowing extra ventilation when needed. Glazing options include anti-sun grey (ASG), PVB laminates and Low E Double Glazing, thereby meeting specific requirements for specific areas. Further special glazing requirements can also be met.

Along with the advent of properly insulated homes (through regulation and choice) the roof window has become an important aid in the regulation of temperature within the home, There is a strong trend In South Africa towards loft conversions (Green Rooms) as property prices soar. Roof windows are uniquely suited to such loft areas, as they provide all the advantages in one — light, ventilation, view, cost efficiency. The hand crafted sub frames are solid hardwood for increased durability, and finished in natural varnish or white. The exterior frames are clad in corrosion and fade resistant charcoal aluminium (PVF2 Coated), which together with the flashing kits are all roll formed and pressed. All joints are double seamed to insure a completely waterproof seal. Screws and hinges are
stainless steel.
A wide range of standard sizes are available (see table below), with specials made to order. In addition to specific mechanical aluminium flashing systems for slate, roof sheets and tiles, Skylight Solutions offers special flashings for fiat and low-pitched roofs, as well as for thatch.
Skylight Solutions also supply a full range of fixed skylights with built in ventilators, condensation outlets, and ceiling trim grooves.
A full range of hand and crank operated blinds are available, as well as electric openers for out of reach roof windows.

We supply and fit all roof windows and skylights. Skylight Solutions offers you a world class product manufactured by our suppliers right here In South Africa. The following table indicates the various sizes available:


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