Skylights come in various shapes and sizes. There are different skylights for different applications. When considering a skylight, there are aesthetical as well as technical aspects that need to be considered. 

Tubular skylights are very popular due to their easy installation, and low leak factor. They are available in three standard diameter sizes, 250mm, 320mm and 450mm. These skylights can be installed onto any roof type, including concrete slabs and thatch roofs.Tube length can vary from 5cm to 5m lengths. They have an optional 220V night light that can be installed, thereby allowing the skylight to be used as a light at night, and a skylight during the day. This option is also available as a solar 12V option, thereby making our solar skylight a 100% natural energy solution which is ideal for areas with no electricity grid, e.g farms, rural areas and remote lodges.

Solar Skylights offer a 100% off the grid solution, by utilizing the sun to provide natural energy to charge the battery for the night light and provide lighting during the day through the skylight tube.

Other Skylights are available in various shapes and sizes. Aluminium Frames have been specifically designed, and can be colour coded to suite the existing aesthetics, or custom designed, to suite a specific requirement. Various glazing options are available to allow for heat and light control as required. These skylights are available in standard or customized sizes. They can be manufactured in any size in flat, pyramid, slanted or dome options. For more information visit the relevant page.

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