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06These skylights offer the most simple solution to natural lighting, and are simple to assemble and install. We offer a guarantee on the product, and installation, if the product is installed by our qualified team of installers. Tubular Skylight Kits are also available. They provide a neat finish and are very efficient in distributing light into any room due to the highly reflective aluminium tube linking the roof and ceiling. This distributes the natural light, and sunlight, reflected by the reflector in the dome, into the tube and down into the room. It is then diffused and spread across the room 360 degrees, and 180 degrees across the ceiling. these diffusers are available in four curved and flat options. There is very little heat entry due to the small size of the opening on the roof, thereby preventing the sun from shining into the room. Tube lengths can vary from 50mm to 5m in length, so ceilings parallel or adjacent to the roof are no problem. Tubular skylights can be installed onto any roof type, as we have roof profiles suitable for any type of roof. These skylights are suitable for business, commercial and industrial applications, even if there are no ceilings. The ceiling rings are constructed from durable metal, and can easily be removed to clean the diffuser, or replace the globe for the night light. These skylights are also available in a solar skylight for a total natural energy solution.

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A - Easy installation (Installed within 4 hours)

B - Suitable for all roof types(Including concrete slabs and thatch)

C - Low Security risk (Small openings, Secure Roof Profiles)

D - Unique Roof Profiles prevent leakage

E - Increased productivity (No downtime during electric installations)

F - Improved light quality (No harsh fluorescent lights)

G - Energy free lighting (Electricity cost benefits)

I - Low heat factor (Light is reflected of the aluminium tubing instead of having direct sunlight)

J - No damage to furniture and carpets due to diffused lighting

K - Stimulates natural plantlife

L - 10 year guarantee on materials and workmanship (Excluding natural causes)





Tubular skylights are suitable for any type of area, and are available in three different sizes:
250mm*  Covering up to 12m2  Ideal for small bathrooms, passages and sculleries
320mm*  Covering up to 20m2  Ideal for closets, bedrooms, studies small lounges and kitchens    
450mm*  Covering up to 30m2  Ideal for Open plan areas, TV Rooms, larger kitchens and offices

*All the units have an optional manual blackout adapter that can be used to block out the natural light in bedrooms and TV Rooms if required. This allows for a peaceful early morning sleep, preventing early morning light entry. This ring is fitted with magnets for easy installation and removal in accessible areas.

These skylights have a 220V nightlight installed so it can function as a light at night as well. This can replace an existing light, and therefore prevent having a skylight, and a light or ceiling fan, next to each other in a room. This is more aesthetically appealing, and also prevents flickering from the ceiling fans if installed adjacently. By installing the skylight as central as possible in a room, the light spread is more balanced and softer on the eye.

4 types of diffusers are available


Our unique design of Tubular Skylight captures natural sunlight even on overcast or short winter days by reflecting sunlight down a highly reflective aluminium tube and into your home. A night light can also be installed inside the tube to illuminate your room at night. (Patent no. 96/0267)

Ceiling Rings

All our ceiling rings are made from metal. The inner metal ring mounts into the ceiling, supporting the tube and ceiling. The second outer ring holds the diffuser lense, and can be easily removed by loostening the two/four screws in the outer ring. This enables the client to very easily replace the globe, or clean the diffuser lense if required. These ceiling rings are available in various colours as shown, and provide a neat finish to all ceiling types, including rhinoboard, nottypine or thatch. These rings only protrude 10mm from the ceiling.

Custom colour coding is available on pre request.

Our aluminium annodized and polished tubes are imported from Europe, and of the highest quality to ensure maximum reflection. Tubes are assembled on site and sealed on installation to limit dust entry. Any roof to ceiling distance can therefore be accommodated.




Our skylights are supplied with a 220V night light, fitted with a 14W cool white energy saver. This can be upped to a 20W cool white energy saver on larger skylights. 


We have a full range of roof profiles available for all types of roofing. These include the following:
Cement and Clay Tiles (Profiled and Flat)
Slate and Asbestos tiles
IBR Widespan / Nurib
Corrugated Iron
Harvey Tiles
BIG 6 Asbestos
Canadian Asbestos
Concrete Slabs
Rib and block

Below are some examples of our roof profiles:

Galvanized Roof Profile IBR Roof Profile   Corrugated Profile      BIG 6 Roof Profile     Canadian Asbesos

We also install our tubular skylights onto concrete slabs or thatch roofing. 

Once our skylights are installed our roof profiles are painted to match the existing roof colour!

Contact us if you have a customized installation.


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