Braai Buddy

A smoke filled room is one of the quickest ways to spoil a social braai function, or peaceful family gathering in front of the fireplace. This is a common problem, and is caused by an incorrect installation of a braai or fireplace, or a flue/chimney that is to narrow. Modern day properties are built with large entertainment or living areas. Large sliding doors or windows cause braai's or fireplaces to back draught filling rooms with smoke in seconds. When a fire is lit, the hot air in the chimney rises, causing the colder air in the chimney to drop down and fill the room with smoke until all the air in the chimney has been heated. This problem can be solved by installing a low energy buddi braai unit on the top of the chimney or flue.

The Buddi Braai unit

The buddi braai unit can be installed onto any chimney, as it has a profile that can be adapted to suit a brick chimney or steel flue.The buddi braai is available in two sizes, for smaller and larger areas, as well as in black powdercoated steel, or a brushed aluminium stainless/steel finish suitable for coastal areas. Installation is simple, and can be done as a DIY project as well. All that is required is a 220V electrical connection point. 

Wireless 3 speed Control 

An optional 3 speed wireless control is available to regulate the amount of extraction for a small or large fire. These wireless units have a 30m range and prevent unnecessary wiring down to the control unit.They have a low, medium or high speed setting. The alternative 


 Product Small Buddi Braai  Large Buddi Braai 
 Air Movement  800m3/hr  1200m3/hr
Motor Type  2 pole 2 pole 
Motor Size   70 Watt  70 watt 
Motor Speed  2400 rpm  2400 rpm 
 Amperage  0.31 Amps 0.31 amps 
Fan Weight   1.3kg 1.5kg 
Fan Diameter Size  254mm  300mm 
Ducting Size N/A N/A
Ceiling Ring Size N/A N/A
Roof Profile Size 250mm 320mm
Max Operating Range N/A N/A
Safety Cut Off Temp None None
Fan Guarantee 1 year 1 year
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