Whirlybirds or roof ventilators as they are also commonly known, are the non electrical ventilation solution. They are used in factories, workshops, storage facilities, containers, rural areas and even homes to assist with ventilation and removing hot air, to create an ambient working or living environment. They are available in 4 different sizes (300mm, 350mm, 500mm and 610mm diameter). Manufactured in galvanized metal, zinc alum and aluminium for coastal areas to prevent corrosion and rust of the units. We supply and install all the units.

How do they work ?

They are mounted on the roof of a building (preferably the highest point). The wind turns the whirlybird, and allows it to suck and remove the hot air that is collected atthe apex of the building. This, then allows fresher cooler air to flow into the building, thereby reducing the temperature in the area or building.

Which size to choose ?

There are four sizes available. The correct unit size and quantity required is determined by the area and size to be ventilated. It is important to do the correct calculation to determine this, in order to ensure that efficiency is obtained.

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